Tv Advert Analysed (On your child’s life)

1. Who is the target audience for this advert?

The target audience for this Tv Advert is parents, whom of which have families and children, trying to persuade them to pull out their finger and test their smoke alarms. However any adult can relate to this because it is their reasonability to make sure children are safe and out of danger. You as a viewer watching this, could have a a friend that has a family or be a grandmother, therefore playing your part to remind them to check their fire alarm. Making everyone aware of the issue can prevent future dangers.

2. How is the audience being targeted within the advert?

They use a young innocent child, whom of which is in a burnt room to speak directly to the audience. As we listen to children in this case as they have more effect on us. We reflect on their innocence and know that they aren’t stable enough to cope without support and care provided, giving them a stable start to life. In addition if you have a family you realise the importance of checking your fire alarm as that could be your child killed in a house fire, therefore putting yourself in some else’s shoes.

3. How is the product/campaign/lifestyle/concept being sold to the audience?

At the start of the Tv Advert, we see a young boy giving facts about how many children had been killed in fires last year. The little boy is speaking directly towards its intended audience. Especially when the little boys says repeat after me… You did promise didn’t you? This plays on your mind as guilt as you can’t break promises to a little child and you are made to believe what if that was your child. The language is standard child talk giving it a feel of real life. The advert is made to play with your emotions, and get you to act on the issue. The product is which they are selling in this advert is smoke alarms, these are essential for all homes and should be checked regularly and replaced if broken. The advert is to persuade people to act on the consequences and damage that fires can cause before it is too late as well as informing you of the dangers. The advert uses dull lighting within the room to give it a more realistic feel to the advert.


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