Tv Advert Analysed (We buy any car)

1. Who is the target audience for this advert?

This Advert is targeted at anyone who is a driver and wants to sell their car. The age range would be over the ages of 18 as this is stereotypically the age where most people are driving. However the advert would appeal more to the older generations above the ages of 25 as many young people don’t have cars to sell as they are only just buying them stereotypically. The advert itself is aimed at both men and women in the UK and US.

2. How is the audience being targeted within the advert?

The audience is targeted in many different ways. They use a normal working women reading the news. She then gets involved with the footballers, therefore showing a subliminal message that anyone can be involved no matter what make or model of your car, the company is open to everyone. They us middle class people over the ages of 25 to promote the advert, to show that this is a stereotypical time to sell your car and buy a new one, they make selling sound easy with minimal steps and fuss therefore drawing you in to sell quicker.

3. How is the product/campaign/lifestyle/concept being sold to the audience?

We Buy Any Car is well known within the UK for its advertisements that make use of repetitive beats. They use a catchy jingle that people will begin to sing along to when the advert comes on the TV, therefore being remembered and stuck on the publics mind. The song itself explains the advert the video is there just to watch but what they want you to do is remember the advert therefore putting most of the information into a short jingle makes it easier for the audience to take in and remember. The advert uses real life people, showing footballers which brings everyone together although the advert has a football theme. There wasn’t any dramatic emotion to this advert. The lightening has been added in ad the advert is filmed in a warehouse. In addition they feature an large white canvas which formation is shown on throughout the advert in addition to the people featuring in it.


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