Tv Advert Analysed (Christmas John Lewis)

1. Who is the target audience for this advert?

The animated Christmas Tv Advert is targeted at everyone at all ages, both male and female, however more appealing to John Lewis customers. However John Lewis itself is aimed at the middle aged and the older generation, typically with children or grandchildren. All the animals represent every one of us, rushing around getting ready and preparing for Christmas and then so happy when Christmas is finally here. I think that the bears facial expressions at the end illustrates the excitement on peoples faces especially young children on Christmas day when they realise that Santa has been. Seeing other people happy makes us happy.

2. How is the audience being targeted within the advert?

Showing the advert in animation and having a story behind it (friendship) brings the whole family as well as friends together. Christmas time the time of year for family and friends, John Lewis illustrate this friendship within their advert showing that no one should be alone at Christmas and not to forgot to leave anyone out. We can relate and see ourselves in their shoes. We aren’t personally addressed by the advert, as we are looking on and observing whats happening, therefore in some aspects relating to what is shown on screen. The advert appeals to a wide range of people therefore something you could watch with your family and no one would be left out.

3. How is the product/campaign/lifestyle/concept being sold to the audience?

John Lewis’ advert purpose is to tug on your heart strings, connecting the store emotional to its customers. Adding a celebrity icon such a Lily Allen to sing a the song for the advert (remake of somewhere only we know) the remake of this old song brings in younger fans and brings out more awareness of the music. Having a well known song relating to an advert makes the audience more aware of the advert. It also promotes Lily Allen and her music, therefore bringing more views to the advert. The company is a a well known department store than many people shop at especially around Christmas for family presents as they have a wide range of different and unique products different to the high street shops.  There is no speech within this this advert which is a good thing as you are more focused on the visuals rather than the sounds. Furthermore there is links as well as Twitter Hashtags at the end of the advert, this gives a chance for the audience to get involved with the advert. Us as people love this and love to be involved within the media today.


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