Tv Advert Analysed (Diet Coca Cola)

1. Who is the target audience for this advert?

The target audience for this particular Coke advert is aimed at adults of ages 30-50, who are health conscious but still love the great taste of coke. Therefore advertising that Coca Cola is for everyone and anyone.

2. How is the audience being targeted within the advert?

The audience is targeted with stereotypical middle ages women together having a chat drinking the product. It is done in this style because women between 30 and 50 are more health conscious and dieting more than the men are.  In addition they illustrate a young ‘good looking man’ which attracts the female attention as this what as viewers want to see. The advert is aimed towards women, however adding the man into it could also say that Diet Coca Cola is just for women, men can drink it too.

3. How is the product/campaign/lifestyle/concept being sold to the audience?

The advertisement main feature the product, being the Diet Coca Cola, however attention of the product is took away when the man takes his top off. Coca Cola are open to a wide variation of people both male and female of all ages. However this advert had a particular audience therefore narrowing their targeted audience. Coca Cola is be distributed thorough a sexual theme which is common and runs through many adverts that we see today. There is music over the advert which also can be linked towards the sexual theme to the advert. Furthermore the advert itself is shot within a common every day place (a park) where people will socialise however the man cutting the grass has been added in.


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