Tv Advert Analysed (Centre Parks)

1. Who is the target audience for this advert?

The target to this advert is families, mainly the parents saying ‘Take your kids here they will love it’. However showing the things to do there children can have an interested as they might want to go do some painting at Center Parcs or go exploring in the woods, children love to have an adventure. Also is a good promotion within Half terms when kids are off school.

2. How is the audience being targeted within the advert?

The audience is directly addressed, at the end the slogan reads ‘Your family, your time’. This gives of a message that everyones experience is different and there is something for everyone in the family to do from kids stuff to adult nights out. The resort is aimed at families therefore not giving much information for people if you don’t have a family therefore this is something you have to look up yourself.

3. How is the product/campaign/lifestyle/concept being sold to the audience?

This style of advert is a promotional advertisement for Center Parcs, selling their company to many different people especially families. The footage that builds up this advert is videos of different locations within Center Parcs itself as well as a range of activities for everyone to do. In addition they illustrate family as we watch them go through their experience, seeing there happy faces and we sit back and think they are having fun, so will i, lets go. There is also and interactive element to the advertisement on Twitter, giving families the opportunity to upload pictures and comment on there time there. We listen to other peoples opinions and reviews of places before we try it ourself.


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