Who is the target audience of your advert?

I targeted my advert at people aged 12 and older. I got this age range form the Mars official website, this is the age that they base their product around that age therefore I felt it would be essential to stick to their audience. In addition I felt it was an appropriate for the product to be targeted at.How have they been targeted to with adverts already produced?

How have they been targeted to with Tv Advert already produced?

Children are normally targeted through toy advertisements therefore this allows them to understand the advert as it is simple for younger minds to understand. In previous advert for Maltesers, they have had women doing mischievous things. The product is mainly aimed at women as Maltesers are ‘light’ therefore giving of subliminal messages that even if you are dieting or want to watch your weight, Maltesers are light and don’t have many calories therefore you can still enjoy the lovely taste of chocolate just with less calories. This makes the product a big hit with the women.

How will you target your audience to draw them into the product that you are selling?

Maltesers are the 3rd biggest confectionary brand within the UK and everyone is aware of the product or has consumed the product at some point in their lives.

At ages between 8 and 12 years, children understand the purpose of ads but are still vulnerable to them. They are starting to develop their sense of identity. My advert has a sense of childhood play and bring back your imagination, therefore allowing everyone to bring his or hers childlike side out. Advert for chocolate are shown throughout the day on both children’s channels as well as normal channels e.g. BBC, ITV etc, therefore everyone is open to the ad.

Action Plan

For my advert i have decided to do animation therefore most of my work will be down on a computer. However i will need the following items:

  • Camera –  To take pictures and record a short piece of footage (Placing box onto a table)
  • Actor – To place a box on the table
  • Maltesers – I will purchase a box of Maltesers from the shop in order to take my pictures
  • Computer – In order to do my work and edit
  • Adobe Creative Cloud –  I will various programmes in order to creative my animation (Photoshop, Premier Pro, After Effects, Flash)
  • Blog- To update my work and a use of evidence

Everything i make will be done from programmes either from my taught skills or with help from tutorials. These are the only videos i will be using which is currently used within Maltesers adverts. I will use one for the ending for the Maltesers advertisement  and the other for the voice of the slogan ‘The lighter way to enjoy chocolate’ I will edit these together in Premier Pro to create something new. 



I haven’t got a specific location for my advert as i have decided not to film due to issues before with cameras so i thought i would try something different. The only location I have is my dinning room ad I will feature this within my Tv ad. This is a suitable location as I have access to it and I don’t have others to worry about. In addition my only prop is a box of Maltesers that I will be taking various images of to add into my Ad. However I will be using a lot of different software’s on the computer in order to create my advert.

Risk Assessment 

I don’t have any major risks as i have no location. The only issue i have is making sure i remember to save my work every so often to prevent me from loosing all my work and making sure the computers have the programmes i need before i begin. In addition i will save my work to more than on place as a back up incase i lose any of my work.


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