1. Who would be the audience for your media production?

For my advert, my audience would be Mars current target audience, which is ages 12, and up. This advert could still be used towards middle-aged women whom of which are dieting because I still used the slogan ‘The lighter way to enjoy chocolate’ at the end of my advert therefore appealing to this audience. However I have also addressed the younger generation, as this seems to be missed out a lot within the Maltesers adverts. I believe all ages and lovers of Maltesers could enjoy my advert.

  1. How did you attract/address your audience? (Did you create your outcome in a certain way to appeal to a certain audience/group?)

I attracted my audience by creating something new that hasn’t been down before for the particular product, making my advert stands out from the others which have been made. I used animation making the advert appeal to the younger target audience. I used the use of red from the colour from the box of Maltesers and kept the scene natural, like done in previous adverts. However I turned to ordinary into something exciting bringing the Maltesers to life. This made the advert childlike however still gets people thinking whether Maltesers could come to live or not. My advert allows the inner child to come out and to interactive. I showed my advert to my mum and my 13 year old brother whom of which both enjoyed the advert and asked how I done certain elements. I would say that I met my outcome for my target audience, however this is only going on a small scale and others may have other thoughts, feelings and opinions.


  1. What have you learnt about technologies from the process of constructing this production? (Photoshop, camera use, Premiere Pro, etc)

As I have done most of my work on Adobe Creative Cloud Programmes. I learnt many new skills that I can now use in future projects if needed. When I started this project, I didn’t know how to creative an animation on Adobe Flash but with this Youtube Tutorial which I followed I managed to create an animated Malteser with arms and legs, that blinked, eyes moved and so do its mouth.

 At first I did have some trouble but the more I went over the steps, trying over and over again, I got the outcome I wanted. I also learnt that you don’t need to go out filming to make something good, it can all be done from behind a computer screen. Furthermore I learnt how to make my pictures look like an animation or a painting. I would have liked to have featured these within my final project, however I didn’t have enough time to do this but I think the advert looks fine without it. Regardless this is still a new skill that I have learnt, that can be taken on board in the future. 

  1. Looking back at your project, what do you feel you have learnt in the progression from research, to planning to the full production?

Firstly I learnt that research is a vital point when creating anything. If I hadn’t of analysed different styles of advertisements, picking out various different points, I wouldn’t be able to evaluate my own work now. Now I can compare my work to others out their and what I done differently to them. When I had decided on my idea I looked in depth about the company Mars and their product Maltesers. In doing this, it brought to my attention many valid points from target audience to marketing and advertising. If I wanted to create an advert in the style of Maltesers adverts I had to have all the background information. Furthermore I done a lot of planning for my advert, as I knew it was going to be complicated, I done mind maps, scripts and storyboards. In addition I looked at many tutorials for help on things I didn’t know but could learn. After finding many useful tutorials on the Internet I played around with different programs teaching myself how to do different things alongside what I already knew. The production took my the longest to do as it was very technical as I had to research stuff that I didn’t know before I began production. However I completed my goals and tasks to the best of my ability.

  1. How did you feel the project progressed as whole? (Did you come across any difficulties? Did the project change entirely at any point?)

Overall I think I done well in this project as kept to my deadlines and time schedules, TV production is something I want to do when I leave college therefore I was motivated to do my best and think outside of the box and I put a lot of time wanting to learn new skills to show off within my advert. The production did cause me some frustration as I struggled with some of the steps but practice makes perfect and after many hours of sat in front of a computer I finally achieve my goal in time. Alongside the skills I already knew and the skills I have now learnt, I was able to create my advert and finish on time before the deadline.


  1. What has been your individual input into the project (Did you film a scene, source audio, etc)

I worked by myself for this project. I did most of my work on Flash and After Effects, which I then put all together in Premier Pro. I got one video from Youtube, which featured the slogan and tagline for Maltesers, which I needed to show the end of my advert as well as advertise the brand. I got my sound effects of the Internet, which I cropped and messed about with the pitch (the laughing sound effect) as well as getting non copyrighted music to play in the background of my advert. Due to my advert not going out for a particular purpose within the public eye and only for a college project I could use sound effects and music downloaded from the internet. I managed to complete this will minimal help from others as I wanted to be independent and believe that I could achieve something off my own back by teaching myself to be familiarised with different programmes that I can use throughout my course.


  1. Create a list of action points which you will take into the next project (This could be to work quicker, be on time, plan more precisely, etc)

If I was to do this project again this is a list of things I would do differently next time:

  • Make sure I research as much as I can especially on the topic that I am focusing on as this helped me in this project, therefore would be helpful to take onto future projects that I will do
  • Not to spend as much time on looking for tutorials of what to do. Instead spend more time on the production itself
  • I think if I used the same amount of energy and motivation that I had in this project, I would be able to finish to deadlines and do the best I can
  • Plan everything I want to do in detail, from the idea to what props and software I will be using throughout the production
  • Make a time plan of everything I want to do, so I keep myself on time and know what I am doing next

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